Project #10010

With a great history from the beginning, this collection reveals the innermost, highly-spirited way of life in Manhattan’s famous Stuyvesant’s Square and its surrounding neighborhood...

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Project #10017

In this collection lies the rich chronicle of the family-oriented and dynamic neighborhood of Murray Hill. It is an eclectic town, also called as East Side or Midtown, the home of ...

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Project #10111

This watch collection highlights the district famed for NYC’s most iconic institutions. Midtown or the Midtown West reflects the hype and impactful lifestyles and history of ...

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Project #10003

This assemblage features the rich history and lifestyle of one of NYC’s known boroughs. Referred as the center of the counter-culture, East Village is prominent for its diverse ...

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Color Touch Collection

People take pride in their rich cultures and the cities they have traveled through the years. The Blackwell Colortouch Collection represents this idea, blended with the colors of the multifaceted urban areaswhere professionals interact ...

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Van Alen

The iconic and timeless suburbs of New York City remind us that other than the architecture, the beauty of the design and inspiration make the best and classic timepieces. It is the exact idea of Blackwell Van Alen, inspired by the renowned Chrysler Building - the art-deco style skyscraper designed by Architect William Van Alen. 

The Blackwell Van Alen features the similarities of the skyscrapers and the Chrysler building to its straps, with the art-deco styles visible on its case’s edges. Overall, the Van Alen Collection has clear markings on its dials that represent Chrysler’s well-detailed windows from a distance.

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Our Story

As the individuality of time has gone unnoticed all these years, the revolutionized perceptions and the new meanings associated with buying a timepiece have shaped Blackwell to create
the ultimate watchmaking experience.

Blackwell believes that you deserve to stand out in the crowd and be recognized for wearing an exclusive wristwatch. Mesmerized by the amazing New York City’s (NYC) landmarks, and beautiful memories that are painted on its land; the idea to create such a watch is not only a product of a creative mind but also of a dynamic soul.

An enchanted metropolitan, lively, full of wonders, NYC was a great city back then until now. It will never disappoint you but will only bring joy and timeless memories. It is the dream borough where anyone can have an equal opportunity, and a great passion to lead the crowd. Thus, we rediscovered the essence of having an illustrious timepiece on your wrist backed by great history of designs patterned after the world’s paragon clocks, and the hands and mind of an exceptional artist – Philippe Cogoli.

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