New York is an urban district known for its enticing hustle and bustle. Its rich history, diverse culture, and iconic landmarks are the key inspirations behind the birth of Blackwell. Mesmerized by the beauty and uniqueness of its architectural design concepts, we came up with the idea of creating distinguishable watches that embody the authentic New Yorker locality and lifestyle.

Every collection brings you the creations of highly skilled artist and exceptional luxury brand designer, Philippe Cogoli. He creatively reinvents towering clocks, classic museums, art deco-style buildings, and literature-inspired sculptures that represent art in its purest form. Combining NYC's classic architectural design with its modern-day metropolitan vibe, every wristwatch reflects the glory of the past and the glamor of the present.

As New York is the city of dreams, it is the dwelling place of go-getters and achievers. Blackwell aims to be part of every wearer's daily grind by creating striking and brilliant timepieces for men that stand out in design, engineering, and functionality.