The Paramount NYC Etched in Modern-Day Designs

Blackwell focuses on the key areas of product design. It is now time to bring forth the distinct qualities of an upright man under the spotlight.

These unique attributes of a gentleman are featured in Blackwell’s collection of watches inspired by the New York City’s (NYC) clock towers.

To begin with, NYC is an amazing and vibrant place to unwind, and to find happiness. It is a city of heritage, art, and great stories. Its superb architecture makes it a promising urban district, and the significance of this metropolitian is never-ending. NYC never sleeps. Back then until now, this is a city of dreams, style, fashion and luxury of people who never cease to chase what they want.

Expertise by a Remarkable Talent - Philippe Cogoli

Along with this city’s outskirts lies its towering iconic clocks – valuable, retro, wonderful. These clocks serve as inspiration for Cogoli to use them as Blackwell’s watch designs. A graduate from a French art school, Cogoli is now a renowned designer in the luxury industry with various expertise in the field of watch designing.

After a thorough research, understanding, and the will to carry out this meaningful venture, Cogoli gears up to rediscover NYC’s famous clocks. Hence, in the process of conceptualizing Blackwell’s designs, Cogoli makes sure that all the ideas are the modern interpretations of NYC’s legendary clocks that are crafted aesthetically into an automatic timepiece.